Mickey Levy
Mickey LevyFlash 90

MK Mickey Levy (Yesh Atid) on Wednesday called for homes of terrorists who carried out attacks against Israelis to be blown up, not demolished.

In a post on Facebook following the attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, where a Border Police officer was killed and another seriously wounded, Levy called for harsher measures against terrorists.

“A lot of respect and a pat on the back to the brave Border Police fighters who with their bodies prevented a larger attack in Jerusalem today,” wrote Levy, a former head of the Jerusalem branch of the Israel Police.

“The Border Police officers and the officers of the Israel Police are the life vest of Israeli citizens who allow for normal life in the streets of Israel during the last few difficult months. It is important that all of us will remember that when we criticize the police and attack it in normal times when there is reason to do so,” he added.

“This attack is yet another dangerous escalation. The situation we have reached requires the government to act more decisively,” said Levy. “We cannot continue with this situation. We must not return the bodies of terrorists who are then buried in huge funerals which fuel the flames for the next attack. We must blow up, not demolish, blow up the houses of terrorists within 48 hours [of the attack]. We have to deport the families of these terrorists and revoke their blue ID cards if they have them.”

“How we got into this situation is a question that will need to be asked at some point, but for now we need more difficult measures because this situation cannot continue,” wrote Levy.

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a security discussion in which it was decided that the IDF would impose a closure on Kabatiyah in northern Samaria - the Palestinian town from which the three Arab terrorists who attacked the Damascus Gate arrived.

The attack in Jerusalem was the second attack this week, following Sunday's shooting attack between Beit El and Ramallah, just north of Jerusalem.

Several other attacks have also been thwarted this week by alert police officers, including several planned stabbing attacks.