George Galloway
George GallowayReuters

Former British MP and current candidate for London's Mayoral Elections George Galloway has promised "the mother of all protests" at next year's Tel Aviv Festival in the UK capital.

Galloway, a longtime anti-Israel activist, issued the pledge in a tweet Monday. His comments were in response to statements by both front runners - the Conservative Party's Zac Goldsmith and Labour's Sadiq Kahn - in support of the festival.

In response, Galloway declared that regardless of whether he was London Mayor by then, he would lead a mega protest against the event, tweeting: "I promise you this whether I'm the Mayor or not there will be the mother of all protests outside any Festival for the Apartheid state..."

Galloway has previously vowed to boycott Israeli officials if elected Mayor of London in this May's elections, and recently barred a pro-Israel activist from attending one of his election events.

During his time as MP for the Bradford West constituency he infamously declared the area an "Israel-free zone," prompting charges of racism.

He was ousted from his seat by an overwhelming majority of voters in Bradford, many of whom had grown disgruntled over his poor record in office and his campaign team's dirty tactics during the general elections. But Galloway hopes to fair better in London, particularly among far-left and Muslim voters - though he currently trails the leading candidates by a wide margin.