An illegal Arab house
An illegal Arab houseRegavim :Oved Arad

In the wake of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein's decision to demolish 100 illegal homes, Israeli Arab leaders have threatened to unleash a further wave of violence in response. 

The Attorney General’s decision follows the recommendations of the Interior Ministry’s committee of illegal building which suggested these homes be demolished as the first step in dealing with the rampant illegal building within the Arab sector.

In an interview with the Hamas funded newspaper “Palestine” last week, Dr. Hana Sawid said “the adoption of the committee’s decision is an attempt to complicate the situation and not to solve it.”

According to Sawid, the committee should have recommended that the building plans be increased in Palestinian villages and cities and adopted a plan that would issue permits to these buildings.

Sawid said that nearly 50,000 Palestinian buildings, almost one fifth of all of the buildings, fall under threat of destruction for being qualified as illegal. Sawid does not believe that Israel will destroy all of the threatened buildings since it knows that it will create a threat across the entire spectrum of Israeli Arabs.

“Since it cannot destroy all of the houses, Israel is attempting to implement the recommendations of the Attorney General to increase the level of racism and oppression against the Arab sector.”

Spokesperson for the Hadash party, Abed Abbad al Fatah, labelled the decision by the attorney general as “dangerous’ and “expressing extremism and racism." 

Al Fatah asserted “the Palestinians on the inside (Israeli Arabs - ed.) will not turn a deaf ear, and if the Israeli government actualizes wholesale destruction of houses it will find itself face to face with a large scale violent uprising.”