Yuli Edelstein
Yuli EdelsteinHadas Parush/Flash 90

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud) said during a discussion in the plenum Wednesday that there are no words to describe the hypocrisy of world leaders, who invited Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to visit on International Holocaust Memorial Day. 

Eldestein opened up the plenum discussion and said, "yesterday we commemorated here in the plenum International Holocaust Memorial day which takes place today (Wednesday) amid feelings that are not simple at all."

"Aside form the feelings about what occurred 70 years ago in Europe, yesterday it became clear to everyone that the President of Iran, a man whom we all thought to be an insensitive man who is violent and refutes the history of the Holocaust, to be a very sensitive man. He is so sensitive in fact that they had to cover over the naked statues in Rome so that they will not hurt his feelings.

"And if we thought that he is an uncultured and uncivilized man, then it is to our surprise that on International Holocaust Memorial Day he was the one chosen to give a talk to UNESCO, the United Nations organization for science and culture."

"I am saying these things in complete sarcasm of course, because there are simply no words to describe the hypocrisy of the situation. There are no words to describe the presidents of Europe who are hosting the President of Iran on International Holocaust Memorial Day like they would the President of France."

"We will continue our fight to commemorate the Holocaust properly, and let the conscience of the European leaders guide them as they see fit," he concluded.