Snowstorm on the Golan Heights
Snowstorm on the Golan HeightsBasel Awidat/Flash 90

A seven-week-old infant suffered hypothermia on Monday night due to the stormy weather, which has closed two major highways so far.

Magen David Adom (MDA) received reports of the baby who was brought to a medical facility in Ariel, Samaria. 

MDA medics and paramedics provided the infant with medical treatment and evacuated her to Schneider Children's Medical Center in Petah Tikva - the baby is in serious condition.

The heavy snowstorm caused Highway 443 between Modi'in and Jerusalem to be closed in both directions, after snow built up on the road endangering motorists. Later it was reported that the highway had been opened again. Police earlier in the day were preparing to close Highways 1 and 443, both of which lead to the capital.

Highway 60 was also closed from Gush Etzion Junction going southwards, due to the stormy weather and fears of ice building up on the traffic lanes. The closure on the highway was later extended to include the region from between Ofra to Givat Assaf in Samaria, with only 4x4s being allowed through.

In the morning hours on Tuesday it will be decided whether schools will open despite the weather, or else stay closed giving children a snow day. Snow is expected to continue to build on Tuesday as temperatures continue to drop.

Monday's stormy weather also led to a Knesset plenum session to be canceled, as MKs packed it in early for the day.

On Monday the record for electricity usage in winter was broken, as the 12,200 megawatt previous high was shattered and consumption continues to rise.

Snow began falling in Jerusalem on Monday, and is expected to build up overnight, with the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) declaring a state of emergency in the capital.

IEC has already deployed a mobile power station to the north of the capital, and generators have been dispatched to isolated communities.

The snow has been falling heavily in the north, and is also reaching communities in Samaria as well as Hevron and Gush Etzion in Judea.