Israel replaced with 'Palestine'
Israel replaced with 'Palestine'Screenshot

Two months after CNN used a graphic replacing Israel with a red square marking the country of "Palestina," National Public Radio (NPR) took its own turn wiping the Jewish state off the map. 

The noticeable absence of Israel is seen in a graphic accompanying a feature article in the health section, entitled "What Are You Afraid Of In 2016? Globetrotters Share Their Fears."

According to HonestReporting, every Middle East country and wider regional state appears on the map - all except for Israel which is strikingly replaced by "Palestine."

It is possible NPR intended to produce a map highlighting the Muslim world, the site says, but if this were the case it should have made this clear and/or used more accurate terminology such as "Palestinian territories."

HonestReporting Managing Editor Simon Plosker further blasted the radio station's decision to publish "an image that erases Israel from the map" as "completely unacceptable."

"That nobody at NPR recognized just how problematic this image is on multiple levels speaks volumes about the deficiencies in the editorial process," he charged. 

Following HonestReporting's complaint, NPR removed the map and replaced it with an editor's note and apology:

The original version of this post contained a map illustration intended to represent the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, which poll respondents identified as the region presenting the greatest risk to travelers and expatriates in 2016. The map had a number of errors. The countries of Cyprus, Israel and Turkey were either not shown or not labeled; the label for “Palestine” should have read “Palestinian territories”; and Afghanistan and Pakistan were mistakenly included. NPR apologizes for these errors.