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The radical Israeli Left is still reeling from an investigative journalistic report that aired January 8 on Channel 2's Uvda investigative program, which was based on hidden camera footage taken inside the operations of radical leftist groups. Now, a vile Facebook photomontage depicts the program's editor in chief and anchor, Ilana Dayan, as Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, receiving a bouquet from Hitler.

The hidden camera footage showed a central activist in Ta'ayush, convicted pedophile Ezra Nawi, boasting about turning in Arabs who sought to sell land to Jews and making sure they were arrested by the Palestinian Authority – where they face torture and death. A follow-up report showed cash exchanging hands between Nawi and Breaking the Silence activists.

Channel 20, which seeks to become a right-wing alternative to Channels 2 and 10, shared the vile photo with its readers on Facebook and noted that Uvda has aired hundreds of investigative reports to date, against political parties, commercial bodies, nationalist organizations and the IDF – but while some of the reports caused uproar and reached the courts, "only the report about radical leftist groups Ta'ayush and B'Tselem led to such a brutal attack on the program and its head, Ilana Dayan."

Channel 20 noted that in Haaretz, Dayan has been compared to the East German STASI secret police. "The radical Left has lost its brakes. The Israel Police needs to restore order there and quickly, before someone gets hurt," it warned.

Jerusalem District Court Judge David Richter ordered Nawi's release to house arrest yesterday.