Controversial anti-Israel politician and London Mayoral candidate George Galloway has been accused of "fascism," after refusing a man entry to his events because he is pro-Israel.

Jewish activist Ben Gross of the Israel Advocacy Movement had attempted to enter a public talk by Galloway last week, but was rejected and physically blocked from entering.

If Gross was under any doubt as to why he was turned away, Galloway himself quickly made it clear to his audience that it was his pro-Israel sympathies which made him a persona non grata.

"We rejected at the door one of the main Zionist agitators in London, who wanted to come in here," Galloway told his audience. "If he had come in here he would have, in his inimitable style, accused us of terrorism!"

"It was a slightly surreal but not unexpected experience being told I'm not allowed in but never being given a reason why," Gross told Arutz Sheva. "It's clear they had profiled me prior to the event and upon reflection it smacks of fascism to ban someone for his political views."

Galloway's "no-Zionists" policy is hardly a surprise coming from a man who, as MP, branded his constituency an "Israel-free zone," and who infamously walked out of a debate upon discovering his opponent was Israeli.

Still, it is ironic given the Galloway campaign's official slogan for this year's London Mayoral Elections: "A London for all."