Ezra Nawi under arrest
Ezra Nawi under arrestYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The far-left activist recently arrested at Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport is Ezra Nawi, who was recently exposed entrapping and handing over Palestinians to the PA for execution for selling land to Jews.

Nawi was arrested last week at Ben Gurion as he tried to flee the country, but a police gag order was placed on the identity of the arrested suspect, which has only been lifted Thursday morning.

Nawi is one of three extremists held in connection with the revelations made by Channel Two's "Uvda" undercover report. The identities of the other two suspects are still under a gag order, although it is known that one is a far-left Jewish activist, while the other is an Arab volunteer for the far-left B'Tselem NGO.

The Channel Two expose showed Nawi, who heads the "Ta'ayush" anarchist group, posing as a Jewish land-broker in order to entrap a Palestinian seller who wished to sell land to Jews - an "offense" punishable by death under the Palestinian Authority. Nawi is also seen bragging about how he helped torture and kill several other Palestinian Arabs who tried to sell land to Jewish "settlers."

Nawi's key accomplice was a Palestinian Arab B'Tselem activist from the Hevron region named Nasser Nawaja, who put him in contact with the Palestinian secret police.

The expose was carried out by an undercover activist planted by the "Ad Kan" organization, which seeks to expose violence, incitement and other illegal activities by the many, European-funded leftist NGOs in Israel.

Yesterday, police extended Nawi's remand in custody by 24 hours, along with the detention of the second Jewish far-left suspect, pending an appeal over a court ruling to free him as authorities continue an investigation into his actions.