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The radical leftist New Israel Fund asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein Tuesday to force the Jerusalem Municipality to put up the billboard campaign it initiated in response to a campaign by grassroots-nationalist group Im Tirtzu.

The NIF campaign is modeled on Im Tirtzu's campaign, which depicted radical leftist activists as foreign agents. Instead of the radical leftist activists, it shows slain prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and says "They already took care of this foreign agent."

Street media firms in Jerusalem refused to let NIF put up the ads and hinted that the municipality was behind the ban. The Walla news site revealed Wednesday that it was indeed the Jerusalem municipality that decided not to allow the campaign, since it deemed it as constituting incitement against Im Tirtzu, effectively blaming it for a murder that took place long before it was founded.

In a letter sent by the municipality's legal advisor, Attorney Danny Libman, to the NIF, Libman also said that the ad dishonors Rabin's memory.

Im Tirtzu's campaign accompanied a report that exposed that 20 NGOs are actively involved in anti-Israel activity, including Breaking the Silence, which Im Tirtzu revealed is also funded through Ramallah.

Im Tirtzu’s revelation resulted in several actions being taken against Breaking the Silence, including Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon banning the group from entering IDF camps and engaging with IDF soldiers, and Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s decision to ban the extremist organization from operating within Israel's school system.

The Im Tirtzu report and campaign in December was followed by an unrelated television report in January that exposed how key leftist activists had "snitched" on Arabs who sought to sell land to Jews, turning them in to the Palestinian Authority (PA). The would-be sellers were sentenced to death as a result, and faced torture and execution.

Im Tirtzu said in response on Wednesday: "We suggest that the New Israel Foreign Agents spend their energy dealing with the arrest of an employee of B'Tselem, which enjoys NIF support, on the suspicion that he sent Palestinians to face torture and death in the PA.

"We also call upon the AG to investigate the NIF's involvement in the movement for boycotting Israel, its involvement in calling IDF soldiers war criminals, and in subversion against the state of Israel."