Rabbi Menachem Froman
Rabbi Menachem FromanFlash 90

Shivi Froman, the husband of the women wounded in the attack Monday and son of the late Rabbi Menachem Froman, is convinced that in spite of the ongoing wave of Arab terror in Israel, his father would still believe in coexistence between Jews and Arabs. 

The pregnant Michal Froman was moderately injured after a terrorist broke into a clothing store where she was working in Tekoa and began stabbing her. 

"Tekoa has known harsh blows like everyone, it has always received blows," Froman told Arutz Sheva. "The reality of terrorism has come close to us over the years, but the idea of dialogue was born from a bleeding reality." 

"My father supported peace out of an insistent stance, and this true today even when [terror] hits us close," he stressed.

"Next month will mark exactly three years since his death and I am convinced that even today he would jump and applaud and say thank you, because I have really received Michal and the unborn baby as a gift." 

"Michal is improving and joking and I hope that by the end of the day we'll even fight; it'll take her a few days to recover," Froman continued. "By miracle, she was only hit near the neck and thank God everything will pass alright."

As a father, Froman insisted, he he was trying to remain optimistic amid a harsh reality.

"Just the night before we were upset over the horrific evil in Otniel, a woman was murdered not far from us. This time it hurt us, very closely," Froman noted, adding, "my father believed that the left hand should hit hard and the right should be extended in peace."