Binyamin Netanyahu at Cabinet meeting
Binyamin Netanyahu at Cabinet meetingAmit Shabi/POOL

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) on Sunday presented the weekly Cabinet meeting with an index of Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement, and presented his plan to expose the complicity in fueling terror to the international community.

Erdan, in his role as Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Minister, showed the ministers examples of incitement to terrorism seen on children's programs on official PA TV, in which children called for the murder of Jews. He likewise showed how PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is encouraging terror, and examples of incitement on social media.

Sima Vaknin, director of the Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Ministry, pointed out in the presentation that roughly 37% of the Arab terrorists in the current terror wave that has left 29 murdered since September are under the age of 20, 39% are 21 to 25, and the remaining 24% are over 26.

"I intend to methodically expose the Palestinian culture of incitement among relevant communities around the world," promised Erdan. An English version of the slideshow presented to the Cabinet can be seen below.

Erdan outlined a proposal to the Cabinet in trying to deal with the ever growing PA incitement.

First he called to establish an economic threat to the debt ridden PA by either freezing Israeli financial assistance or else conditioning it on the PA ending its incitement.

He also suggested drafting legislation against online incitement on social networks in several countries as well as in the European Union (EU), and increasing the "open and concealed presence" of the government on social networks.

Finally he proposed exposing the PA culture of incitement to the world, and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu directed to have the materials that were presented to the Cabinet be distributed to EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini, to EU member state foreign ministers and all Israeli Foreign Ministry missions worldwide.