Turkish special forces (file)
Turkish special forces (file)Reuters

Turkey has arrested three suspects in relation to the terror attack that killed 10 people outside of the Sultanahmet Square on Tuesday.

The three suspects are from Russian origin and allegedly have ties to ISIS. Russian state news agency RIA reported that the Russian Consulate General in the city of Anatalya confirmed that the three were detained.

The Russian Consulate had been notified of the arrests. The Tass News Agency reported the Consul General Alexander Tolstopyatenko as having said, "The reasons for their detention are being clarified."

Another Turkish media outlet, Dogan News Agency, said that police had seized evidence in the form of documents and CDs while performing a search of the premises where the suspects were staying.

The area around the bomb site in Istanbul, which is a main tourist center, remains closed today, as police are still conducting searches for other explosive devices that may have been left after the first attack. So far no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack.