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A terrorist stabbed Benjamin Amsalem, a local Jewish school teacher, who was on his way to work on Monday morning. Amsalem, who is a teacher at the Louis Pasteur school was stabbed in sector-9 of Marseilles outside a local synagogue.

Amsalem suffered light wounds on his hands.

The terrorist, who has been apprehended by local police is a 16 year old Muslim. It is rumored that he suffers from a mental disorder. However, the Jewish community fears that this is an anti-Semitic attack.

The Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Haim Korsia, is expected to speak to Amsalem later today, after he visits with the relatives of the victims of last year’s Hyper Cacher attack.

Tzvi Amar, the President of the Jewish Community in Marseilles said that as of now, Amsalem is receiving medical treatment for his wounds which were very light. He also said that Amsalem was lucky to have received only light wounds as he had attempted to fight off his attacker.