Ezra Nawi and his 'partner' Fuad Moussa, 2003
Ezra Nawi and his 'partner' Fuad Moussa, 2003Flash 90

A group of nationalist activists has succeeded in infiltrating radical leftist groups, and exposed how extreme leftist activist Ezra Nawi passes information on Palestinian Arabs interested in selling land to Jews and has them executed by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The PA has long outlawed the sale of land to Jews in Judea and Samaria, and has made no secret of its position of executing Arab sellers. Nawi admitted he knew that by passing the Arabs' names to the PA he was handing them a death sentence.

The expose regarding Nawi's role in it all was revealed by Channel 2 on Thursday, and is to be aired as an investigative piece in full on Friday in the channel's TV show "Uvda."

Nawi, who is mostly active in the southern Har Hevron region of Judea, was born in Jerusalem to Jewish immigrants from Iraq, and is a fluent Arabic speaker.

He was arrested several times in the past, including for assaulting police officers, and also served half a year in jail for statutory rape over his sexual relations with a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in the early 1990s. He has also been revealed to be a supporter of Hamas.

In recent months intrepid right-wing activists managed to have planted agents infiltrate the radical leftist circles and follow Nawi's activities on the ground, without him being aware. One of the agents was even able to get very close to Nawi.

The planted agent managed to record Nawi giving testimony as to how he takes the names of Palestinians who want to sell land to Jews and hands them over to the PA Security Forces, fully aware of the bitter fate in store for them.

"I give them directly to the Palestinian security services," Nawi was caught on camera saying.

When asked what the PA Security Forces do with the Arab sellers, he responded, "they catch them, and kill them."

In response to the report, Nawi said in a statement, "the broadcast of this piece is part of the effort to harm my activities and the activities of my friends by the side of the Palestinian population in southern Har Hevron. It isn't I who set a trap for the land seller. The opposite is true."