New Shalit photo
New Shalit photoTelevision

Hamas published on Wednesday afternoon a new image of Gilad Shalit, from when he was held captive by the terror organization in Gaza.

The image depicts Shalit standing behind Hamas terrorist Abed a-Rahman al-Mubasar, who served as one of Shalit's captors. Both are seen smiling in the photo.

The publication of the photograph now would seem to be related to the death of al-Mubasar earlier this week. He was killed during a tunnel collapse in Gaza.

Until his death, Al-Mubasar was the last remaining captor of the former IDF soldier. He had taken part in the raid which captured Shalit - and killed his comrades Hanan Barak and Pavel Slutzker - along with fellow Hamas terrorists Sami al-Hamaidah, Abdallah Labad, Khaled Abu Bakhrah and Mahmoud Rashid Daoud, all of whom are now dead as well.

The shirt Shalit is wearing in the picture is the same as the one he wore when he returned to Israel, leading to estimates the photograph was taken on the day of his release.

Shalit was set free after over five years of captivity as part of a controversial prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas in October 2011.