Gas station (illustration)
Gas station (illustration)Kobi Gideon/Flash 90

On Thursday night at midnight, as the secular New Year goes into effect, the regulated price of gasoline at gas stations is to be updated, with a welcome drop in prices in store for drivers - to the lowest prices since 2009.

The maximum price for 95 octane unleaded gasoline at self-serve stations including VAT is not to go over 5.78 shekels ($1.50) for a liter, signifying a 3.51% drop of 21 agurot from last month.

The additional price for full service is to stand at 19 agurot per liter, including VAT.

In Eilat, where the price does not include VAT, the maximum price for 95 octane unleaded gasoline at the self-service station is not to surpass 4.94 shekels (just over $1.25) per liter, a 3.52% drop of 18 agurot from last month.

As for the price in Eilat for full service, the additional cost will be 16 agurot per liter, not including VAT.