Netanyahu at 20/12 Cabinet meeting
Netanyahu at 20/12 Cabinet meetingYonatan Sindel/Flash90

At Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday, he praised security forces for their quick response to the terror stabbing in Ra'anana on Saturday afternoon.

"I would like to commend the action of civilians and the security forces yesterday in Ra'anana," Netanyahu stated. "We must all be on alert at the time; we are in a determined and continuing struggle against terrorism." 

The Prime Minister also addressed upcoming government initiative including integrating the haredi population into the workplace as well as providing financial aid to Israel's Arab sector. 

"Today, the Cabinet will approve steps to integrate the haredi population in the civil service," Netanyahu said. "The integration of all sectors in Israel in the labor market is very important both for them and for the continued economic growth of the State of Israel, to build up its economy and  of course - to reduce the social gaps."

"In the coming days we will also decide on a five-year government plan to aid the Arab population in Israel, in the Arab sector," he added. 

Netanyahu also expressed excitement at the Cabinet's plans to grant NIS 1 billion to convert the community of Harish into a city in Israel. 

"I visited there, along with several ministers several weeks ago; this is an outstanding and unparalleled Zionist act," he stressed. "A new city has not been established in many years." 

"This will be a new city along the lines of Modi'in; it will be the beginnings of a city of 50,000 people," Netanyahu explained. "I believe that it will grow far beyond this in the future."

Netanyahu concluded the meeting by thanking Health Minister Yaakov Litzman for his efforts in expanding preventive free dental care for children until the age of 14.