Siddur and gavel
Siddur and gavelNati Shohat/Flash 90

The Jewish owner of a French clothing store chain has been found guilty of discrimination against Jews.

A court found that Dan Cohen, the co-founder of Eleven Paris, fired a worker for being Jewish, Le Parisien reports. The company was forced to pay the plaintiff, whose name has not been released, $16,000, plus $8,000 for legal expenses.

The claimant was hired in 2012 and fired at the end of his 15-hour probationary period. He claims that another employee told him he was fired for being Jewish, as Cohen "doesn’t want Jewish employees because he can’t have them work on Shabbat." 

As evidence, he produced recordings of conversations in which the employee explained that "out of a faith choice, [the managers] don’t want to make Jews work on Shabbat precisely because they are practicing Jews."

The plaintiff added that he is not religious and would not have had a problem working on Shabbat.

Cohen denied the accusation and said that the company does not have any such rules. The court, however, said that Cohen's claim is "less than plausible."