Prisoner captive jail bars
Prisoner captive jail barsThinkstock

Due to accusations of torture against the suspects in the Duma case, Rabbi Dov Lior ruled that their lawyers are permitted to break Shabbat in order to speak with their clients.

Rabbi Lior, the chief rabbi of Hevron and Kiryat Arba, further permitted the lawyer to travel to the holding facility and visit them, should it be necessary. He added that they should have a non-Jewish driver take them, though.

Adi Kider, from the legal defense organization Honenu, spoke with the rabbi before Shabbat, in order to clarify what to do. Kider claimed that, during every previous Shabbat, the suspects underwent severe questioning sessions that included torture.

Honenu says that there was no need to use the rabbi's ruling this past Shabbat. This evening (Saturday), the suspects' families and supports will demonstrate in front of Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen's home in Jerusalem.

The three are suspected of arson and murder against