Many 'alleged' attacks have been caught on camera
Many 'alleged' attacks have been caught on cameraScreenshot

Israel's foreign ministry has condemned comments by a UN spokeswoman yesterday (Tuesday), in which she called Palestinians killed while attacking Israelis "alleged attackers."

Cecile Pouilly, a spokeswoman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), further condemned Israel for using "excessive force" to stop attacks, which have murdered and maimed hundreds of Israelis - most of them civilians.

"Since September 2015, 141 attacks have been carried out against Israelis," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded in a statement. "91 stabbings, 34 shootings and 17 car ramming have been perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists. 22 Israelis have been killed, 243 injured, 23 of them seriously. Just this Monday, 14 people were wounded in a car ramming attack, including an 18-months old baby who was seriously injured. "

"Israel rejects the use of the term 'alleged attackers' by (the) OHCHR spokeswoman. It is misleading and unacceptable," the statement continued. "These so-called 'alleged attackers' are real persons, their attacks are real, planned and carried out with murderous intent."

The MFA asserted that the UN was once again demonstrating a double-standard towards Israel, noting how "law enforcement forces over the world, and lately in France and the United States, have shot and killed perpetrators of similar attacks. It is their duty to prevent additional bloodshed.

"Likewise, Israeli forces do not use excessive force. They safeguard Israelis' rights to live in peace and security. They will continue to do so while respecting domestic and international law."