Scene of Modi'in stabbing
Scene of Modi'in stabbingMDA spokesperson

A day after two people were moderately injured in a stabbing attack at two adjacent building sites in Modi'in, shaken construction workers in the city are still trying to process the vicious attack. 

According to those workers who witnessed the attack, the second victim was, in fact, not an Israeli Jew as initially reported, but an Arab whom the terrorist mistook for a Jew. 

Friends of Zadoki Abu Kamal, 50, told Walla! News on Wednesday the terrorist targeted him because of his light skin color and blue eyes.

"We were sitting together in the office when a person we didn't know entered. He was not from the area," construction worker Rami recounted. "He entered with a large iron pipe and hit [Abu Kamal] on the head. I grabbed him, threw him to ground, and sat on him until the police came." 

According to Rami, "[the terrorist] arrived here after attacking the foreman at the other site. Probably he came and tried to finish the job."

Another friend, Issa Saada, who replaced Abu Kamal at the site Wednesday said construction workers were feeling rattled after the attack. 

"I was with him in the hospital yesterday," Saada said. "He had several skull fractures, his situation was terrible. Now he's okay."

"It gives a very bad feeling," he continued. "Everyone who leaves his house doesn't know if he'll return in one piece, whether he's Arab or Jewish. In the end, anyone could be hurt. There is no desire to work this way."