Gov. Mike Huckabee (L) with Rubin Margules
Gov. Mike Huckabee (L) with Rubin MargulesUzi Baruch

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee met with supporters this week at the home of businessman Rubin Margules in Brooklyn. 

The former Arkansas governor spoke on a host of topics including the double standard held against Israel during Operation Protective Edge as well as the war against radical Islamic terrorism.  

Noting the contrast between the Israeli army who tried to protect civilians and Hamas who placed their own people in the line of fire during the 2014 war, Huckabee expressed dismay with the US government for its response. 

"I'm ashamed of what they did - they tried to say, and I remember John Kerry and President Obama said, both sides need to calm down," Huckabee recalled. "I thought, wait a minute, I'm walking down the street, someone mugs me. I'm not supposed to calm down." 

"The mugger is the criminal, I'm the victim. I have a right to defend myself.  Please don't tell me I somehow invited the attack."

Huckabee added that even in the wake of the San Bernardino massacre last week, some in the government continue to be afraid to say anything offensive against Muslims, as if the attack were the US' fault. 

Huckabee stressed his unwavering support for "our friend and ally" Israel, noting that he "can't be a Christian and not have a complete connection to the Jewish people."