This Hanukkah, join Arutz Sheva for a walk In The Footsteps of The Maccabees, with our special eight-part series (one for each day of Hanukkah) directed and presented by leading Israeli academic Dr. Hagai ben-Artzi.

You'll begin at the Maccabees' synagogue in the ancient Jewish town of Modiin, where the rebellion against Greek occupation began with just a handful of Jewish revolutionaries. 

From there, follow their journeys from the hills of Jerusalem, Bet El and Hevron, to the plains of Emek Ayalon and Jaffa, and finally the purification of the Temple Mount and reestablishment of Jewish independence in the Land of Israel.

Tune in each day on Hanukkah for the latest installment, and walk in the footsteps of the Maccabees.