Yair Lapid
Yair LapidHadas Parush/Flash 90

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid published an English-language essay on Sunday in The Huffington Post entitled, "The Day After."

In the article, Lapid reiterates his political plan for a separation from the Palestinians while maintaining Israel's security interests, arguing that we must "move away from talk of peace and coexistence to talk of separation and security." 

Lapid opens his essay suggesting that the struggle against Islamic State "reminds the world of the principle Israel has been trying to articulate for years: The only way to defeat terror is to create a stable alternative on the ground."

According to Lapid, Israel's dilemma over finding a solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict intensifies as the Palestinian Authority continues to "play a double game."

"On the one hand," he notes, "it is the governmental actor standing in the way of the rise of an Islamist terror state, but on the other it names schools and roads after murderers, cooperates with their public relations campaign and openly supports the knife terrorism of the past months." 

"Israel will fight this wave of terrorism with determination and force - and we will defeat it - but we also need to build a completion strategy for the day after," Lapid asserts, before touting his plan for a regional summit to serve as "as opening salvo for a comprehensive agreement." 

"The advantage of this initiative is that it doesn't look to reach an agreement only with the Palestinians, but full and normal relations - diplomatic and economic - with the whole Arab world," Lapid argues. 

"The details may be complex but the question behind them is simple: Does Israel want to continue to live with 3.5 million Palestinians, or is it time to separate and guarantee our status as a Jewish and democratic state."

"The answer is separation," he posits. "As quickly and decisively as possible."