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Donald TrumpReuters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump plans to visit Israel “soon,” he told a rally in Virginia on Wednesday night.

“I love Israel,” Trump stated. “Israel is our real strong supporter,” and it's a place he has “always wanted to visit. I am very, very, very pro-Israel."

Trump made the announcement in a speech to Jewish members of the Republican party in Manassas, Virginia.

The would-be president said meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would be a highlight of his trip. “He's a good man. He's worked very hard. He has absolutely no support from President Obama. Absolutely none.”

No further details about the trip have been announced, but Trump, who endorsed Netanyahu for reelection in 2013, has been quite vocal lately in expressing support for the Jewish state. 

In an interview on a Fox News program last week, Trump said, “Probably, maybe from the beginning, there has never been a greater enemy to Israel than Barack Obama. It’s incredible.”

Obama, said Trump, does what he can to disrespect Israel. “I think he treats our known enemies much better,” the candidate added.

The Obama administration, added Trump, “doesn't like him, and they don’t like Israel. And, that’s what I say. I speak to friends of mine that are Jewish. I say, ‘How are you supporting this man?’ He’s the worst thing that ever has happened to Israel... What’s going to happen is, the way it’s going, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And it’s very close. And, as soon as that happens, it’s a new ballgame.”