Democratic NY State Assemblyman - Dov Hikind
Democratic NY State Assemblyman - Dov HikindEliran Aharon

American Democratic New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind castigated US President Barak Obama as well as Secretary of State John Kerry, and the entire Obama administration, and said that “they are living on the moon.”

He went further to say that as an American, he is embarrassed by this administrations seeming double standards when it comes to expressing sympathy for American citizens killed by terror in Paris, but ignoring American citizens killed by terror in Israel.

In the words of Hikind; “When our administration plays politics with the lives of people, it is a victory for our enemies. For the radical Islamic organizations. They get it. Our president doesn’t get it. He doesn’t even use the words radical Islam. He is living on the moon and not on this planet, that’s for sure.”

Hikind’s comments came during the International Conference Against Sexual Abuse and Violence sponsored by Tahel that is taking place in Jerusalem this week.  

“As an American I am embarrassed by the Obama administration, by the President, by the Secretary of State, that not all American citizens are equal.”

Hikind elaborated on his comments. “If you are an American citizen living in Paris and you get murdered by terrorists, you get treated one way, you get sympathy from the President and Secretary of State. But if you are an American citizen living in Israel, they don’t know who you are. They neglect you. It is beyond comprehension.”

“Why our government is sending a message that American citizens living abroad, are not the same,” fumed Hikind.

“The world laughs at this administration, it is a weak administration. And I am counting down the days until it is out of office,” said the Democratic Assemblyman.

Hikind called the actions of the President and the Secretary of State “embarrassing and offensive” to US citizens living abroad. “ Is there a difference when a terrorist uses a knife or a gun to kill people? Is there a difference? One is a Jew one is not a Jew?  I don’t want to beg the President or the Secretary of State, to please condemn terrorism.”  

“I think Obama has a problem with relation to Israel. Something is wrong. There is a disconnect with regard to the President,” he continued.  “The president says the most important issue in the world right now is climate change? This is the critical issue of our day? I think some people in Washington are living on the moon.”

Hinkind ventured that the people of Europe, especially the French following the recent terror attack that killed 130 Frenchmen in Paris on November 13th, were now more aware of the threat of radical Islam.

“I think people in Europe understand a lot better today what the real issue than they did a few weeks ago. They know what it means to go in the streets to look around and have to be careful. They understand it much better. And Israel has been living with that type of atmosphere since its creation. World wake up.”  

Hinkind said that the issue has nothing to do with Judea and Samaria, or Israel or even the Palestinians. It has to do with hatred of Western culture.

“Those who went out to murder 130 innocent Frenchmen and woman. They hate you because of what you represent, western culture. So France understands it better now. But for how long? I hope that in six months they will still understand it.”