Emergency services at the site of the fatal bus crash
Emergency services at the site of the fatal bus crashZAKA

Police have concluded that the driver of a bus which overturned in Samaria, killing one passenger and injuring many others, lied to investigators when he claimed a Palestinian vehicle who cut in front of him caused him to crash.

The bus was transporting some 50 soldiers at the time of the fatal crash, which occurred between Kokhav Hashahar and Migdalim in the Binyamin region of Samaria.

42 people were wounded and 19-year-old air force Corp. Stav Pertush was killed, when the bus veered off the road and flipped over several times after traveling at a high speed.

Police initially said they believed the driver's excessive speed had caused the accident, but he insisted a Palestinian taxi had caused him to lose control after it overtook him at a sharp bend in the road. However, upon further investigation police say they believe the driver is simply lying to cover himself.

If that conclusion is reached by the time an indictment is served the driver will face a charge of involuntary manslaughter, which can result in anything between six month and three years in prison.