Scene of the attack
Scene of the attackMaoz Shomron security division

The father of Ashraqat Qatnani, the 16 year-old Palestinian Arab terrorist who attempted to stab a young teenager in Samaria on Sunday, is proud of his daughter, he told the press in the hours following the attack. 

"My daughter left home this morning to go to school, like she does every day," he said. "Instead, she went to go attack [Jews] and fulfill her national and moral duty." 

"I'm proud of her." 

Ashraqat had been keeping a close eye on the Palestinian terror war on Israelis, which has been raging since September. He praised her for "resisting the Occupation," in his words. 

On Sunday morning, Ashraqat approached the Territorial Brigade Intersection near Elon Moreh, and raised a kitchen knife to the back of a young teenage girl waiting for a ride at the stop.

Former Samaria Regional Council chairman Gershon Mesika spotted the terrorist and ran her over before she could carry out the attack; security forces at the site then fatally wounded her.