ISIS's Abdelhamid Abaaoud
ISIS's Abdelhamid AbaaoudReuters

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected Islamic State (ISIS) mastermind behind the Paris terror attacks, was killed in the Wednesday police raid in north Paris, prosecutors confirmed Thursday. 

Two senior intelligence officials first made the revelation to the Washington Post on Wednesday, before their claim could be officially confirmed.

Handprint analysis left in the chaotic raid in which police fired 5,000 bullets and threw grenades confirmed they hit their mark, and took out the 27-year-old ISIS terrorist from Brussel's immigrant majority Molenbeek neighborhood 

Wednesday's raid in Saint Denis was based on intelligence information indicating that Abaaoud, who is thought to have planned the six attacks in Paris that left 129 murdered, was in an apartment in the Parisian suburb.

During the raid, a female terrorist, said by BFMTV to be a relative of Abaaoud, detonated her explosive belt in a suicide attack that took her life. Another suspect died by grenades and gunfire from the police.

French interior minister Pierre-Henry Brandet told the French TV station that DNA tests were being conducted to identify a suspected third terrorist killed in the blast, and it appears these tests confirmed the man as Abaaoud.