Islamic Movement in Israel protest (file)
Islamic Movement in Israel protest (file)Flash 90

The leadership of the Arab sector has called for a full strike Thursday, in protest of the Security Cabinet's decision to ban the Northern Islamic Movement.

Schools in the Arab towns will be closed, as well as businesses and municipal offices. Protests against the decision are also scheduled for large Arab towns, and Arab MKs are expected to speak at a mass demonstration in Umm el-Faham.

A spokesperson for the Arab Higher Committee, which purports to represent the Arab sector, said that the decision to outlaw the Islamic Movement was "racist," as it targeted only Arab radical groups and not Jewish ones.

“We ask the government of Israel to reverse its decision immediately,” the committee said in a statement. “If it does not, the government will be responsible for the consequences... We will fight this decision with all the legitimate tools at our disposal and work to ensure the legal rights of the Palestinian Arab community in Israel."

The Arab Higher Committee also blasted the timing of the government's decision - just a few days after the ISIS terror attacks in Paris - calling it "an example of incitement against the Arab sector.”

The Israeli government, said the group, “is controlled by settlers who enter the Temple Mount in a provocative manner and damage the religious sentiments of Arab Muslims, and harm the holiness of the Al-Aqsa mosque.”

The Islamic Movement was outlawed on Tuesday for its long history of inciting terrorism, organizing and funding violent riots on the Temple Mount, and its close connections with Hamas.