Muhannad Halabi memorial
Muhannad Halabi memorialPalestinian Media Watch

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction is at it again, heaping praise on the Arab terrorist who stabbed two Jews to death in Jerusalem's Old City in early October and declaring that the murder of Jews is a Palestinian "right."

Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen took part in a rally honoring the terrorist Muhannad Halabi, as reported by the Palestinian Arab Ma'an News Agency and translated and revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Halabi murdered two Israelis and wounded the wife and two-year-old son of one of them in his attack, but Muhaisen "saluted the soul of (the) martyr, who detonated the Jerusalem intifada," referencing how Halabi conducted the first lethal stabbing attack of the major terror wave that began in October. 

The Fatah official went on to express his support of the murder and other more recent attacks and murders, saying Palestinian Arabs have the "right" to cause "Israeli women to cry."

"It is the right of our young men to cause Israeli women to cry like our women are crying, even though our women make sounds of joy after their sons' and husbands' deaths as martyrs."

Speaking at a rally in Halabi's honor, Muhaisen said the terrorist "detonated the Jerusalem intifada." The rally itself "turned into a national wedding," the Arab news agency reported, referencing the Islamic belief that "martyrs" for Allah are wedded to 72 virgins in paradise.

Also speaking at the rally was Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Central Committee Member Omar Shehadeh of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) terror group, who said Halabi "represents an example and role model for generations of young."

PLO Executive Committee member and Deputy Secretary-General of the DFLP Qais Abd Al-Karim called the terrorist a "hero," expressed "pride" in him and spoke of Palestinian "loyalty to (his) blood," reports PMW.

Not only did the PA hold a rally in his honor, the PA municipality of Abu Qash where the murderer lived put up a memorial to honor him on the very same road that it previously named after him. The PA has also named a youth soccer tournament after him.

The memorial shows a picture of the murderer on the backdrop of the entire state of Israel, including both sides of the 1949 Armistice lines.

At the inauguration ceremony which was attended by municipal council members, the official PA paper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reports "a number of speeches were made praising the virtues of martyr Halabi, who died while defending Jerusalem and its free women, surprised the occupiers, and lay the foundation to a new phase in the Palestinian struggle to defeat the occupation."