MK Bezalel Smotrich
MK Bezalel SmotrichAryeh Minkov

Jewish Home MKs Bezalel Smotrich and Shuli Muallem boycotted a Knesset vote on Wednesday in protest of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's building freeze in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria. 

"I am refraining now from voting on the opposition's bill in protest of the violation of Netanyahu's many promises to build in Jerusalem," Smotrich charged on Twitter. "Coalition promises must be upheld!"

By missing the vote, Smotrich and Muallem broke coalition discipline mandating they be present in the plenary to cast their ballots against any opposition-backed law. 

Jewish Home did, however, inform coalition chairman Tzahi Hanegbi in advance that the two would be absent from the vote - likely preventing any punishment from being handed down. 

Fellow Jewish Home MK Moti Yogev was censured by his party last week after not taking part in a vote on the controversial anti-parent bill, which the opposition defeated 42 to 41.

Yogev was sentenced to a three week suspension from the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and all its subcommittees, and bills proposed by Yogev will not be brought for a vote at the Ministerial Committee for Legislation until the end of the parliamentary session.

The building freeze in Judea-Samaria as well as the slated demolition of the Ayelet HaShachar Synagogue in Givat Ze'ev have spurred calls for Jewish Home to bolt from the coalition

Ido Ben Porat, Hezki Ezra andCynthia Blank contributed to this report.