Vladimir Putin
Vladimir PutinReuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed on Tuesday at a meeting on the Russian defense industry that his country is developing several advanced weapons that are capable of penetrating "any missile defenses."

Putin noted that Russia is working on its strategic nuclear threat in response to the US deploying missile defense systems in Europe, a move that was taken in response to Russia's aggressive stance seen in its occupation of Crimea from Ukraine.

"Russia will take necessary retaliatory measures to strengthen the capacity of its strategic nuclear forces. We will work on our missile defense system as well. Initially, as we have repeatedly said, we will work on the strike systems able to overcome any missile defenses," Putin said, according to Sputnik News.

"In the past three years, the (Russian) defense companies have developed and successfully tested several advanced weapons systems that are capable of accomplishing tasks in heavy missile defense environment," the Russian president revealed.

"The Russian armed forces started receiving these systems this year."

Turning his attention to his allies Iran and North Korea, Putin turned the situation on its head by saying the two regimes - one possessing a nuclear arsenal and the other said to be well on its way to achieving one thanks to the recent nuclear deal - are not really threats, but rather that the US is seeking a nuclear hegemony.

"Iranian and North Korean nuclear missile threats merely cover up the true plans (of the US)," said Putin. "Their true purpose is to neutralize the strategic nuclear potential of other nuclear states – except the United States and its allies – including Russia first and foremost."

The statement comes a day after a Russian official revealed an agreement had been signed with Iran to transfer to it advanced S-300 anti-missile systems, which could be used to defend the Islamic regime's nuclear program from a potential strike.

Russia is not the only Communist power eyeing new weapons to defeat US systems; China tested a new missile to knock out US satellites on October 30, which could be a potentially crippling weapon to the American defense industry.