Arab rock throwing terrorists (illustration)
Arab rock throwing terrorists (illustration)Issam RImawi/Flash 90

A law passed Monday raising the minimum sentence for rock throwing terrorists was put in use on Wednesday, as the Jerusalem District Youth Court issued a heavier jail sentence against a terrorist minor.

The terrorist was handed three years and four months in jail, in addition to ten months of conditional discharge.

His sentencing comes after being convicted of hurling rocks and firebombs at homes in the Beit Orot neighborhood of Jerusalem in recent weeks.

Former Hevron Chief Rabbi Dov Lior recently moved to the neighborhood, located to the east of the Old City and to the north of the Mount of Olives. There, ex-MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari revealed the rabbi's home has been "abandoned" by security forces to firebomb and rock attacks on a daily basis.

The sentence, which stands in contrast with the slap on the wrist often seen in similar cases, appears to be thanks to the influence of a new law passed on Monday.

The law stipulates a three year minimum active jail sentence for "dangerous" rock throwing, and sets that the court can't suspend the sentence except in unusual circumstances.

The law also cuts national insurance payments for rock throwing terrorists while in jail, and also cuts child stipends to the parents of jailed minor terrorists while they are serving their sentences.