Knives - they're all the rage in Gaza right now
Knives - they're all the rage in Gaza right nowScreenshot

A picture from Gaza is creating a stir online, providing a chilling insight into the degree to which popular Palestinian Arab society and culture, particularly in the Islamist-ruled enclave, has become saturated with violent incitement.

The photo, purportedly taken in Gaza City, was first published by the pro-Hamas Shehab News Agency Facebook page. It shows the outside of a clothing store with mannequins  outside, some of which are holding knives and have had their faces covered with balaclavas in solidarity with the wave of stabbing attacks against Israelis by Arab terrorists.

The photo, taken November 1, was removed after being highlighted by the pro-Israel Israellycool blog, but is still available on the Facebook page of man claiming to be the original photographer.

Another sinister detail not available in this particular photograph but appearing in the other, now removed versions, is the name of the clothes store itself: Hitler.

The ceaseless, violent, anti-Semitic incitement being produced by all major Palestinian factions - from Hamas to the "moderate" Fatah party of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas - and even from the PA and Abbas himself, have been repeatedly highlighted by Israeli officials, and in the media.

But that incitement has permeated furthest in Gaza, where the ruling Hamas regime is openly sworn to Israel's destruction and the eventual annihilation of the Jewish people, as detailed in its charter.

In one recent case reported by Arutz Sheva, a Gazan family even named their child "Knife of Jerusalem."

But efforts to indoctrinate Gazans goes far deeper. 

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has perhaps best documented the often absurd degree to which incitement to violence has become a part of mainstream culture in Gaza, for example in two recent recordings of soccer matches during which the commentator inexplicably punctuates his commentary with gushing praise for terrorist attacks against Jews.