Alan Dershowitz
Alan DershowitzReuters

Renowned Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz proved victorious on Sunday in a debate at Oxford University's Oxford Union, which centered around the BDS boycott movement that targets the Jewish state of Israel in an economic attack.

Dershowitz won the debate 137 votes to 101 at the liberal bastion, soundly defeating Peter Tatchell, a member of the UK's Green Party and a self-described human rights advocate.

“The other side argued that BDS was an alternative to war. I argued that BDS was an alternative to a negotiated peace because it disincentivizes the Palestinian leadership from negotiating a compromise resolution and instead misleads them into relying on external pressure to delegitimize Israel," Dershowitz told Breitbart News after his victory.

During the debate, the Harvard professor argued, "BDS is anti-peace, anti-negotiation and anti-Israel. I am pro-peace, pro-negotiation, pro-Israel and pro-Palestine…BDS is based on bigotry. If Israel was not the nation state of the Jewish People, then this debate wouldn’t be happening today."

After stating that BDS leaders refuse to debate him, he added, "BDS will absolutely not bring peace. If the BDS movement is desirous of peace, then why will its leaders not debate me?”

"Not a single leader of a democracy anywhere in the world supports the BDS movement,” Dershowitz noted. “If you’re going to have a BDS movement, then have it internationally based on human rights offenses and lack of democracy.”