Rocket fire from Gaza (file)
Rocket fire from Gaza (file)Flash 90

A rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza on Friday night, around 12 a.m., by a group identified with Islamic State (ISIS).

To the dismay of the terrorists, who hail from the Salafist “Sheikh Amar Hadid Brigades," the attempt to murder Israeli civilians failed as the missile fell far short of its target.

Instead of hitting Israeli sovereign territory, the rocket landed in Gaza; it is unclear whether any damage or wounds were caused by the projectile.

This is far from the first time Gaza terrorists have missed their mark and hit Gaza in recent months, as the rocket attacks continue despite the ceasefire sealed last summer.

The ISIS identified brigades took responsibility for the attack; back in June they pledged to step up their attacks, in a move estimated to be intended to cause a new conflict between Israel and Hamas and harm Hamas, which the ISIS group is currently clashing with.

The incident was not the only rocket to be fired from Gaza on Friday - in the late afternoon two rockets were fired from northern Gaza into the Mediterranean Sea by Hamas as part of its training and rocket development, as the terror group prepares for the next war against Israel.

In recent weeks Al-Sabireen, a new terror group established by Iran, has been active in Gaza. The Shi'ite group is in conflict with Hamas, and has the same emblem as Hezbollah, indicating Iran's goals to expand its hegemony as it did in Lebanon.