Belz hassidim (illustration)
Belz hassidim (illustration)Flash 90

The family of Rabbi Yosef Yechiel Elboim, a well-known family in the Belz hassidim in Jerusalem, is known as supporting ascents to the Temple Mount - a position which made them the subject of a protest outside their home Monday night.

For years members of the family have regularly visited the holiest site in Judaism, and occasionally suffered the condemnations of members of the hassidic movement who, like many haredi rabbis, claim it is forbidden to do so given doubts over which areas are forbidden to entry.

However, many leading rabbis have argued visiting the site while avoiding these areas is fine, as illustrated in the visit of the medieval sage Rambam.

In light of the Arab claims that the current terror wave is being perpetrated due to Jewish visits to the Mount, Belz hassidim were angered by how members of the Elboim family continue to visit the holy site and give interviews about their visits to media outlets.

The hassidic movement decided to deliver an ultimatum to the family, threatening that if they continue to visit the site they will be removed from the Belz sect, and distanced from the central Belz synagogue.

Likewise the hassidim republished a letter by the Belz beit din (rabbinical court) forbidding visits to the Temple Mount.

The Elboim family said in a statement that they "are not recoiling, and will continue to ascend the Temple Mount."

In one of his interviews to a haredi media outlet, Rabbi Elboim said he is "substantiated" in his position regarding ascending the Mount, indicating haredi halakhic (Jewish legal) support despite the opposition of the leading Belz rebbe.