Teen terrorist Ahmed Mansara
Teen terrorist Ahmed MansaraYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Ahmed Mansara, the 13-year-old Arab terrorist who took part in a stabbing spree in Jerusalem earlier this month, has been transferred to a new jail cell after complaining of harassment at the hands of other prisoners.

Together with his 15-year-old cousin Mohammed, Mansara stabbed and seriously wounded a 21-year-old man, as well as a 13-year-old boy riding his bicycle - leaving the latter fighting for his life in critical condition.

Mohammed was shot dead as he charged at police armed with a large knife - in a scene captured in vivid CCTV footage. But Ahmed was run over and injured by a passing car as he fled, and subsequently arrested by police. 

After being treated at an Israeli hospital for his wounds, the teenage terrorist was then transferred to Sharon Prison for young offenders, where he now awaits trial for attempted murder.

But his lawyers claim his notoriety is making him a target, and that he is being subjected to constant harassment and death threats at the hands of other, mainly older, juvenile offenders, some of whom have threatened to kill him.

At a recent appearance at Jerusalem Magistrates Court, Mansara asked the judge not to return him to the prison, claiming "the prisoners and guards are harassing me."

Defense attorney Leah Tzemel said she personally witnessed how one of the prisoners made a throat-cutting gesture towards Mansara.

His defense team are challenging the attempted murder charge by claiming he did not in fact take part in any actual stabbings, and was merely dragged along by his older cousin.

CCTV from the attack shows both boys tearing through the streets of Pisgat Ze'ev in northern Jerusalem armed with massive knives.

Ahmed later admitted to his hospital bed that he had gone out with his cousin with the intention to murder Jews.