Jordan protest (Archive)
Jordan protest (Archive)Israel News photo: Flash 90

More than 50 Bedouin leaders have published a joint statement in which they call on Jordanian King Abdullah to create a military unit tasked with "liberating" Jerusalem.

"Arab regimes in general, and the Jordanian regime in particular have shirked their religious, national, and ethical responsibility towards the most important Arab and Muslim problem, the Palestinian problem," the statement read, according to the Arabi 21 news site.

"The events in the occupied land and at the al-Aqsa Mosque would not have happened if ti wasn't for the incompetence of governments and their actions in the service of the Zionists, Americans, and national enemies."

The leaders called on the Jordanian government to uphold its obligations towards the holy sites, and to create a "Return Brigade" out of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons. There should also be new supporting brigades of Jordanian nationals. The new forces would act alongside the Jordanian military to attack and conquer Jerusalem and the holy sites in the city.

According to the letter, creating the brigades would express the message that the campaign against the "Zionist enemy" is truly ongoing and that it is not a dispute over borders but rather an existential struggle.

Jordan has seen large-scale protests over the past few weeks, demanding that the country break off its relations with Israel and rip up the peace agreement that was signed in 1994.