Protest at Al Fawar Junction
Protest at Al Fawar JunctionHar Hevron Spokesperson

Dozens of protesters took part on Friday in a memorial for Avraham Asher Hasno at Al Fawar Junction near Hevron in Judea, the site where he was murdered on Tuesday.

Hasno was lured out of his car by an Arab rock ambush, at which point an Arab truck driver ran him over and killed him.

An Arutz Sheva analysis of photographic evidence of the incident reveals the driver, who turned himself in to Palestinian police claiming it was an accident, ran over Hasno at least twice in cold-blooded murder. Arab residents cheered and whistled as paramedics unsuccessfully tried to save the victim's life.

The protest, which was organized by the Har Hevron Residents' Council, was attended by Jewish residents of the region who drove in a convoy with Israeli flags.

Residents led by Har Hevron Regional Council Head Yochai Damari called to strengthen the security forces, and demanded that more decisive action be taken against the wave of Arab terror engulfing the Jewish state.

During the memorial, Arabs rioted several dozen meters from the Jewish protesters, with IDF soldiers standing guard - but not arresting the Arab rioters.

"The Al Fawar Junction will henceforth be called Avraham Junction," declared the regional head Damari.

He explained the new title comes "in the name of our forefather Avraham who is mentioned in this week's Torah portion, a resident of Hevron who traveled the Negev, and in the name of Avraham Hasno hy''d."

"We came to the junction to express the Israeli presence that we continue from the days of Avraham in the passages we read in this week's portion."

Damari declared, "we will continue to drive in every place in our country. I strengthen the security forces and at the same time call for a firm hand."

"The junctions were intended for travel and coexistence, and those who turn them into a place of killing don't need to travel on them. The junctions that were closed were opened for the benefit of the Palestinians, and they responded with terror and murder."