Judge Uzi Fogelman
Judge Uzi FogelmanUri Lantz/Flash 90

Supreme Court Judge Uzi Fogelman on Thursday issued temporary orders to prevent the demolition orders issued against the homes of seven Arab terrorists' families, after the families petitioned the IDF demolition orders.

The demolition orders, which were distributed last week, stipulate the destruction of the homes of the terrorists who took part in four separate terrorist attacks, in which a total of seven Jews were murdered.

Three petitions were filed by the families of three members of the Hamas terror cell that murdered Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin in front of their four children on October 1, just outside of Itamar in Samaria.

Another petition was filed by the family of the terrorist that murdered Danny Gonen of Lod in a shooting attack outside Dolev in Samaria in June. Two more were submitted by the families of two terrorists involved in the shooting attack in which Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld of Kokhav Hashahar was murdered adjacent to Shvut Rachel in June.

The final petition was filed by the family of the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Bennett in Jerusalem's Old City earlier this month.

Fogelman's temporary orders were issued despite the fact that the chance of the petitions being accepted is extremely low, not least of all because just last week Supreme Court judges rejected the petition by the family of the terrorist who murdered Dalia Lemkos, allowing the demolition of the terrorist's home.

The rejection of that petition was supported by the majority of judges, while Judge Fogelman stood apart from his colleagues in opining that the demolition order should be canceled.