Presenting a show on Hamas's official Al Aqsa TV station, a leading Islamist cleric vowed the terrorist group would "not leave a single Jew, dead or alive... on the land of Islam and the Muslims."

Against the backdrop of an ongoing series of Arab terrorist attacks against Israeli Jews, in comments translated by MEMRI the preacher declared "that not a single Jew will remain on this land."

"We will not leave a single one of you, alive or dead, on this land. By Allah, we will dig up your bones from your graves and get them out of this country. We will not leave any trace of you in this land."

Sheikh Iyad Abu Funun even went so far as to swear on a copy of the Koran that Hamas would carry out its genocidal designs enshrined in its charter, which calls not only for the total destruction of the state of Israel but for the eventual annihilation of the Jewish people.

The video is just the latest example of an endless stream of propaganda inciting Palestinian Arabs to continue their violent attacks on Jews. Much of the propaganda effort is centered in Hamas-run Gaza, but a significant portion is also being promulgated by other factions, including Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction.