Avraham Hasno Hy"d
Avraham Hasno Hy"dReuters

Ruthie Hasno, whose husband Avraham Asher Hasno was run over by an Arab truck driver Tuesday, said Wednesday that the same driver tried to murder her and her husband a day earlier.

Avraham was run over and killed after he stopped his car at the Al Fawar junction and got out of it to confront Arab attackers who threw rocks at his car. The driver turned himself in to Palestinian Authority police and said that running over Hasno had been an accident.

The widow said that after seeing documentation of the attack, she realized what had happened. "When I saw that it was that Mercedes truck, as well as the blurry photo of the driver, I understood what had happened to us the day before," she recounted in an interview with IDF Radio.

"We had left Otniel, and when we were midway to our destination, two trucks tried to crush us [between them], one from the gravel and one from our lane. There had just been a firebomb incident involving soldiers some 100 meters ahead of us. We wanted to call the soldiers but they were busy. We managed to stop the driver who was on the gravel, and I went out myself to slap him on the face for what he tried to do to us there."

"The second truck escaped – that is yesterday's truck," she stated. "I am very focused. It's not that I am confused. When I saw Avraham with the club and the truck, I said – it's that guy from yesterday."

"It is so obvious that this was not an accident, it is so clear – photo after photo, it's like a video. You see how he runs him over in front of the intersection, like the day before yesterday. He was not driving fast; he knew what he was doing."

Reuters photos analyzed by Arutz Sheva do seem to indicate that Avraham Hasno was murdered intentionally, and that the truck driver ran over him at least twice.