With the end of the shmitta year, during which according to Jewish law the land of Israel must lie fallow, farmers throughout Israel are picking up where they left off and working the land once again.

Lending them a helping hand will be several hundreds of Christian volunteers from Hayovel, a US-based Chrisitian-Zionist organization which organizes solidarity trips to Samaria to support farmers in Israel's front line communities. 

The group has had remarkable success in recent years, and the current wave of brutal Arab terrorism has not deterred them at all - in fact, if anything it has buoyed their efforts.

In honor of the new harvest, leading Hayovel activist Zac Waller - whose anthem of solidarity during last year's Operation Protective Edge went viral - has released a new song hailing the "Restoration" of the people of Israel in its ancestral homeland.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, he explained that inspiration for his songs come easily, since they unite his life passions: music and "the God, Land and People of Israel."

"I am always looking for ways to show my undivided support" for Israel, he said. Music "is such a connector. It crosses political bridges and language barriers. It brings joy, peace and understanding to complicated issues. My motivation is to connect others to the passion I have for the things I love."

This latest song is a testament to what he sees as a clear manifestation of Biblical prophecy coming to life - namely, the restoration of the Jewish people in its land and the revival of the land itself - right before his own eyes. 

"I really wanted to write a song that conveyed a vivid depiction of Israel's miraculous transition from desolation to restoration," he said. "My hands-on experiences in the agriculture of Samaria for the last ten years has incredibly strengthened my faith. I want others around the world to experience that same strengthening that I feel.

"The physical restoration of the Land of Israel confirms that God is real, and that the Bible is true," he added.

Turning to Christian supporters of Israel around the world, he had one clear message: "Get involved!"

"Don't sit around waiting for something more compelling than reading this article!  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!  Find a pro-Israel organization that you can support, and give financially and/or volunteer. Educate yourself as an ambassador for Israel and start talking about what's happening! Now is the time. Don't wait a second longer!"