Ambulance (archives)
Ambulance (archives)Israel news photo: Flash 90

An IDF officer has been stabbed in the Hevron Hills area Tuesday morning, after being attacked by a terrorist outside the Arab village of Beit Awwa. 

The soldier was attacked as his unit performed a security patrol in the area, Channel 2 reports, as part of the wider military crackdown on terrorism nationwide. 

The terrorist suddenly ran toward the unit with a knife in his hand, stabbing and wounding one soldier before being shot and eliminated on-site.

The officer is suffering from light injuries. 

"At 11:02 a report was made to Magen David Adom (MDA)'s Lachish unit of a young man with a minor injury near the town of Shakaf, near Negohot," MDA spokesperson Zaki Heller stated. "MDA medics are on the way to the scene." 

Medics treated the officer on-site and transferred him for further medical treatment to Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva.