Yair Lapid in Old City
Yair Lapid in Old CityHadas Parush/Flash90

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid lashed out at the Israeli left on Sunday in response to various comments made by leftist MKs over the weekend amid the Arab terror wave striking Israel. 

"They have, of course, full right to their opinions, and I have no problem with targeted attacks against me (hi Zehava)," Lapid wrote on Facebook, referring to Meretz chairman Zehava Gal-on, "but their attempts to justify the Palestinians at all costs has become the only thing they bring to the political table." 

"Once, they were irrelevant, today they're simply disconnected from reality," Lapid added. 

"If Abu Mazen [PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas - ed.] is lying, he is not doing it because of oppression or occupation, but because he is a liar who is trying to slander Israel in front of the entire world. If a Palestinian terrorist tried to stab a soldier, she is not doing it because of the checkpoints, but because she wants to kill Jews for being Jews. And if a soldier, in response, shoots and kills her, she is not doing it because she is part of the occupation, but because she wants to protect herself from the terrorist and because she doesn't want to die."

"Zehava and her colleagues' call to understand the other side is condescending. She assumes that everyone - except them, of course - does not understand what's really going on." 

"But we understand very well, thank you," Lapid added. 'What's happening here is rampant knife terrorism resulting from unbridled incitement."

"In the face of terror, a political solution must be established," Lapid noted. "But it needs to be based on a reading of the reality as it is, and not on the creation of imaginary Palestinians who do not exist."

"I believe we must separate from the Palestinians, while the IDF continues to operate everywhere in order to provide security to Israeli citizens."

"It's time to separate from the Palestinians and set a high wall between us and them," Lapid declared. "Not because they're the good guys, but because they're the bad guys."