Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas must stop inciting against Israel, Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett told the BBC in an interview on Friday.

“This guy is responsible for the wave of murder that’s going on in the streets of Israel,” Bennett said, adding, “About 10 days ago he called upon Muslims to prevent Jews from going up to the Temple Mount with their ‘filthy feet’ as long as he incites his own people to murder Jews, I don’t see what we can talk to him about.”

“Would anyone talk to ISIS? Would anyone talk to bin Laden?” he continued, when asked whether he would support talks with Abbas.

“We’ve got a murderous regime who’s trying to kill as many Jews as possible right now. If you’d have people running around the streets of London stabbing dozens and hundreds of British citizens, you wouldn’t be talking to [those who carried out the stabbings]. You’d be fighting them and defending yourselves, and that’s exactly what Israel is doing right now,” Bennett stated.

He refuted the PA’s claims that Israel was changing the “status quo” on the Temple Mount - namely, that Muslims are permitted to pray on the compound while Jews are not.

“Over the past year, three and a half million Muslims visited the Temple Mount and only 12,000 Jews. There’s a status quo. We’re not attempting to change it. This is yet another blatant lie of Abu Mazen,” he said, noting that when Israel is in charge of a holy site it keeps it safe, as opposed to when the PA is in charge, citing Thursday night’s attack on Joseph’s Tomb.

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