Danny Gonen
Danny GonenCourtesy of the family

Security forces on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning distributed seven demolition orders to the families of Arab terrorists who conducted several recent lethal attacks.

One of those attacks was the murder of Danny Gonen, who was shot to death in June while hiking north of Jerusalem. The families of his murderer and the other murderers were given 48 hours to appeal the demolition, and they all expressed their intention to do so.

Rabbi Itzik Gonen, head of the pre-military academy in Lod and the cousin of Danny Gonen, told Arutz Sheva that he strongly supports the demolition orders.

"We need to welcome every action that comes to strengthen our presence here in the land, certainly when it's an effective step," he noted.

"Unfortunately it comes too late, but in any case we welcome the decision, and there is none more ethical than it," emphasized the rabbi. "When a terrorist comes with the intention to murder, you need to respond in the most decisive manner possible."

Rabbi Gonen said that precisely during the current Arab terror wave, Jews must strengthen their presence in the land. "That's the important point, our settling the land, (knowing) what we are and of course what our goal is.

"We as a public are obligated to respond to this terror in the most decisive way there is, and not to allow these things."

The rabbi added that "we need to understand that this war with murderers is not about territories, rather it is more essential and deep. The core for them is evil and wickedness, exactly the opposite from us, we want to spread good in every place, they come to spread evil."

"Therefore the understanding of our role here is critical."